The Biggest Organizing Mistake

As a person who loves organizing, I’m always reading articles about gadgets, systems and suggestions touted to make organizing easier. I won’t lie. It’s hard for me to ignore an article that starts “40 Household Items That Will…” 

Some things I read about have merit. Some are ridiculously goofy. And still some leave me wondering why. This tea organizer is one of them. 

I have seen countless articles singing the praises of this tea organizer:

On the surface, it can seem like a great idea. After all, this gadget can organize about 100 tea bags in its small footprint. And it has 12 different compartments to hold 12 different types of tea. Sounds great! 

But, in actuality, this tea organizer makes one of the biggest mistakes you can make when organizing!

The Biggest Organizing Mistake

The Number One Organizing Mistake

One of the most fun things about organizing is getting containers/shelves/cabinets/binders to hold your stuff. But the most important thing to do is make sure said organizer holds EVERYTHING it needs to. 

When I first started baking bread, I was using much more flour than I ever had before. On a trip to a kitchen supply store, I found a great jar to store my flour. It was glass (you know I’m a fan of glass over plastic). It had a mouth wide enough for my flour scoop. And it was almost big enough to contain an entire 5lb bag of flour. 

You read that right. 

Almost big enough.

So what did that mean in my tiny little kitchen? Not only did I have my cool jar of flour, I also had to find space to store the extra 3 cups of flour didn’t fit in the jar. 

While I thought I was organizing, I was actually creating clutter – the antithesis of an organized home.

The Biggest Organizing Mistake

The Fancy Tea Bag Organizer

Back to the tea organizer. You buy 12 different types of tea and display them in your tea organizer. What do you do with all the rest of the tea bags? 

Store them in the cabinet next to your tea organizer? 

Stash them in a hidey-hole where they don’t make day-to-day clutter but get forgotten? 

Or maybe you can just buy one variety box of tea bags and fill the tea organizer. But then why not just use the tiny box for storage.

The Takeaway

So what’s the takeaway here? When you are trying to declutter, don’t unintentionally make more clutter by purchasing items that don’t manage ALL of it. Overflow is an organizing no-no. 

That’s it in a nutshell! Just one nutshell.

The Biggest Organizing Mistake

As An Aside

I understand the desire for different teas. Jon is the coffee drinker. I’m the tea gal. Over the years, I’ve become a fan of loose leaf teas for a few reasons. First and foremost, they make less waste. Just put a teaspoon or two in your hot water, steep and voila! A small strainer is all you need.

A nifty tea diffuser does the trick too!

Loose leaf tea isn’t hard to find either. A number of grocers carry loose leaf on the shelves. And there is also the amazing world of Amazon. I’ve been buying a variety of teas from Darlene’s Tea Port through Amazon for quite some time. Tuscany Pear Rooibos is my absolute favorite.




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