Jon is a coffee lover. In his hierarchy of affection, I’d be willing to bet it goes Matt, me, coffee. As such, a few years ago, I purchased him a special coffeemaker for Christmas.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

I poured lots of time into learning what makes the best coffee. It seems water temperature is integral to making a good cup of joe. Most coffee drinkers have a fondness for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Apparently much of the reason behind the superiority of Dunkin’s brew is, in fact, the temperature of the water. It’s hot. 205º hot!

During my research, I found that many home coffeemakers just don’t heat the water to the right temperature to make the superior brew.

Another key component to good coffee is the dispersion of water on the grounds. You want a nice shower of water, preferably with a pre-shower. Who knew?

Eventually, I found a coffeemaker that reviewers loved. It was a bit of a splurge for a one-function appliance. But as it turns out, it was well worth the money.

Years later, Jon is still enamored with this Bonavita coffee maker. He rarely enjoys coffee outside of the home. He always says it just doesn’t taste as good.

But this favorite appliance does have one issue. At least for Jon. After finishing his coffee, he is very good about cleaning the setup. However, the hole to the thermal carafe is a bit too small for him to fit his hand for a good scrubbing. And since it’s not glass and I never drink coffee, I’d never noticed the inside. Until this week.

Ugh, the Filth

Jon left for a business trip Monday morning while Matt and I were at his speech and occupational therapy appointments. He must have left in a rush because when I returned home, I saw the carafe sitting next to the sink. When I tackled the dishes after dinner, I was disgusted by what I saw inside. And friends, please don’t judge me by the grossness I am about to share:

Cleaning the Coffee Pot

Oh. My. Goodness.

You can easily see that at some point in time, he tried to scrub it up. But it wasn’t quite effective, eh?

Cleaning the Coffee Pot

Cleaning the inside of a coffee carafe, even one this nasty, is an easy task. First I made a slurry of 2 parts baking soda and 1 part hydrogen peroxide. Then I spread it around the inside of the carafe and waited.

Cleaning the Coffee Pot

I caution you. You will probably have a desire to scrub away immediately. Please refrain. Let the wee bubbles do some work. You can see them foaming up a bit in the picture above.

I let it rest for about 15 minutes. In truth, I couldn’t wait any longer. Then I went at it with a Scrub Daddy.

I love these little guys! And I’m always amazed when I talk to people who have never heard of them. (Melissa!) These sponges last longer than ordinary sponges and they change texture dependent upon your water temperature. Quite nifty!

Anyway. I bit of scrubbing with my Scrub Daddy and…

Cleaning the Coffee Pot

Ta da! Super clean!

I’d like to say that Jon will notice immediately upon his return. But I’m not holding my breath. I am also hoping his coffee will taste even more amazing with all that gunk glomming up the carafe!


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