Baggallini: My Favorite Organized Purse

Friends, I am in love with my purse! As the seasons are changing here in Pennsylvania and the weather is beginning to have a crispness, I decided to change my purse. In the fall and winter, I use one of a few dark bags that I’ve amassed over the years. As much as I love to the brighter and lighter colors of spring and summer, I do enjoy the deep, rich tones of autumn.

Yesterday I reached for one of my tried and true Baggallini Hobo Totes.

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Baggallini was founded by a pair of flight attendants who wanted stylish purses that traveled well. They pride themselves on creating functional bags that still look fashionable.

weary flight attendant

(I’m sorry! I just had to include this picture! Does this evoke thoughts of another era or what?!)

I bought my first Baggallini in 2007 on a trip to St. Michaels, Maryland. The town has a great pedestrian shopping area and, as we strolled, a cute purse caught my eye. So we went into the store to investigate.

At the time, pre-Mommy, I often carried a small bag with barely enough space to contain more than a wallet, a pack of tissues, keys and mints. I didn’t even have room for my phone. In truth, I didn’t always bring a phone with me at the time. Egads! Can you imagine?

Their Festival Bag

The one I saw in St. Michaels was something like this festival bag.

The style is, of course, a modernization of the one I have because I don’t think we worried about RFID protection back then!

This little bag was perfect for me with all of its built-in slots and compartments. There was (and is) nothing I hate more in a purse than a lack of compartments. I have owned my fair share of bags where everything just rolls about uncontained. I could never find anything that I needed without taking every single thing out.

Not so with Baggallini purses. These things are fully organized. Credit card slots, phone pockets, elastics for pens. Many of them even have an attached inner strap for keys!

I was in love with that little purse I discovered in 2007. I purchased it right then and I have never purchased another brand but Baggallini ever since.

A Handbag You Can Clean!

But back to why I have found renewed love for this company. When I pulled this particular Hobo Tote (I have a few) out of storage the other day, I noticed a big dirty blotch on the luggage handle sleeve. As that feature zips up when not in use, I often use it as another pocket. When I peeked inside, I saw a crumbled handi-wipe. I must have stuffed a damp one into the bag and forgotten all about it!

The luggage handle sleeve, by the way, is another awesome feature of this bag. Zipped, it serves as a pocket. Unzipped, it slips over the handle of a suitcase, freeing up your arm.

Anyway, it seems the wetness combined with the ordinary grime of use and created an extraordinarily noticeable blemish on the sleeve. So, after consulting the internet, I treated the the tote with my favorite stain remover, put it in a lingerie bag and tossed in in the wash on the gentle cycle, hoping for the best.

Eureka, folks! The bag looks brand new! When I pulled it from the wash, I could see that the stain had virtually disappeared. I hung it up to dry and by the end of the day, it was good to go!

Lightweight purses. Organized purses. And now I can shoot them through the wash? Yet another reason for me to be a Baggallini devotee!

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